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Euthanasia: we can live without it

Reason to thank Dr. Nitschke

Now that’s a headline direct from the ‘now that I’ve got your attention’ files!

I never thought I’d be giving a bouquet to ‘doctor death’.  After all, there’s nothing that he has said or done in the public eye that I find the least bit agreeable (except, perhaps, the recent picture of his visit with his mother).

Tasmanians ready to fight coming euthanasia push

I recently spent four days visiting supporters, local leaders and friendly politicians in Tasmania to discuss the upcoming euthanasia legislation and to encourage people to get active and organised.

Whilst I was in the beautiful city of Hobart, Premier Lara Giddings announced that euthanasia legislation would be held off until late in the year.  She also suggested that, at that time, a consultation might precede the bill.

The Ides of March — dark days in the South Australian parliament

Debate on Steph Key’s Euthanasia bill stifled by the stench of subterfuge in the house.

The latest euthanasia attempt in the SA Parliament was introduced by backbencher, Steph Key on the 10th of March.  Styled on Health Minister, John Hill’s draft from late 2010, the bill would usher in euthanasia on demand and an open season on patients.  The only protection offered by this latest ‘kill bill’ is for doctors.  Apparently patients don’t rate.

The puppet and the puppeteer (part 2)

What a fascinating 24 hours in Federal politics!

As suggested in yesterday’s post, Bob Brown’s Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Amendment (Disallowance and Amendment Power of the Commonwealth) Bill 2010 has been referred to the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee with a report date of the 21st of March.

The puppet and the puppeteer

Gillard bows to Greens same sex and euthanasia agenda

Prime Minister Gillard’s latest accommodation of Bob Brown and the Green’s agenda tells us a great deal about Federal Labor’s fragile hold on power.  The ever-present Damoclesian sword wielded by Green, Adam Bandt in the House of Reps clearly has the Prime Minister off her cornflakes.